Give me some treats... please.
Caught in action!
Awkward :)

Gracie and Wooster became proud parents almost a fornight ago. All went well with the birth of 3 boys and 1 girl, all of them were on the small side. For the first three days everything was fine but then one little piggy was getting pushed out by his siblings. Peedie Pig as we call him then went on to have syringe feeds. You can see that he is very small and he loved the syringe from the moment it was offered to him. He has now progressed to veggies and you can see him tucking into a very thin slice of cucumber. He is only half the size of his brothers and sister but is doing well on his feeds and I am hoping he will grow big and strong eventually. Peedie is an Orkney word meaning small and suits this wee fella perfectly. He is very eager for his first feed of the day and is worming his way into my heart and soul!. 28/10/08.

Very sadly Peedie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday.It was a very peaceful end for him. He was such a little fighter but had so many issues from cleft pallette to absorption problems.We learned to love the little guy dearly in the 25 days he was with us and miss him very much. RIP little boy. 12/11/08.

Boars For Rehoming Page Newly Updated!

We are a small self funded non profit making,family run rescue based in Scotland. At present we are caring for 72 piggies. Some of these we will be able to rehome and some will live out there lives with us either because they are too old to rehome or are in need of special care.

Many of the piggies that arrive at the rescue are in a very sad state and need a lot of care and attention. We will never turn away a piggy in need or put a piggy to sleep just because it needs a lot of care.

Lovely Hair

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.

If you are at all worried about your piggies please contact your vet ASAP.

We want to send a big heartfelt thank you to the guys over at FTS for sponsoring 10 little piggies for a year! I’m sure their Forklift training courses and forklift blue lights are great! Also thanks to Prosyn IT Support, who built our website and continue to offer their valuable assistance.